01 Name and Address of the Organization
(a) Name of Organization : UDDIPAN
(b) Address of Head Office : Plot No. 9, Road No. 1, Block-F, Janata Co- operative Housing Society Ltd, Ring Road, Adabar, Dhaka- 1207, Bangladesh
(c) Address of Liaison Office :
(d) Address of District/Local Office : Upazila Road, Kushtia Sadar, Kushtia
02 Contact Information
(a) Name, Mobile No. & E-mail of ED/CEO : Bidyut Kumar Basu
Mobile : 01322-80901
Email : ed@uddipan.org
(b) Name, Mobile No. & E-mail of Contact Person : Regional Manager, Kushtia Region
Mobile : 01322-802916
Email : kushtia.rm@uddipan.org
(c) Website : https://www.uddipan.org
03 Date of Establishment : 27 April, 1984
04 Registration (Legal Status)
(a) Department of Social Service : Ministry of Social Welfare: Reg. No. Dha – 01914, date 27.04.1986
(b) Bureau of NGO affairs : NGO Affairs Bureau: Reg. No. 286, date 22.02.1989 and Renew date 27.02.2019
(c) Joint Stock Company under the Societies Registration Act : Registration of Societies: Reg. No. S – 4243 (345)/04. date 18.11.2004
(d) Micro Credit Regulatory Authority. : Reg. No. 00123-00848-00003, date 05.09.2007
05 Background of Organization : Since its inception in 1984, UDDIPAN has progressed over time making strategic changes and paradigm shifts responding to social dynamics and changing needs and priorities of its target beneficiaries. Today, UDDIPAN is considered as one of the top 10 largest national development organizations in Bangladesh. It is operating in 465 Upazilas of 64 districts, implementing multi-dimensional programmes aimed at improving the quality of life of the economically exploited and socially excluded poor and extreme poor people who are struggling to survive at the margin of life.

UDDIPAN’s programmatic interventions are broadly focused on meeting individual’s economic and social needs and empowering them to claim their rights and entitlements. On one hand, financial intermediation gives individuals ability to invest and improve their economic status and break out of the poverty trap, and on the other, focused interventions in the areas of education; health; water, sanitation and hygiene promotion; agriculture and rights and social justice give the individuals their ability to improve their social standing and establish themselves in the social mainstream. UDDIPAN also has interventions for the senior citizens who are otherwise neglected and mentally tormented within the family and and the community at large. UDDIPAN provides economic support to involve them in income generating activities and also create opportunities for recreation and inter-generational exchanges which provide mental peace and social dignity. In brief, UDDIPAN empowers the poor economically and socially to break out of poverty trap, unlock their latent potentials and unleash their creative social energy through an integrated economic and social development programmes.

UDDIPAN is also visibly involved in capacity enhancement, networking, advocacy and lobbying with an aim to establish a just society based on accountability, transparency and good governance. UDDIPAN is a learning organization. It changes its policies and programmes through a process of action and reflection and make changes in its programmatic interventions keeping in line with individual’s needs, national goals and priorities.
06 Vision : UDDIPAN’s vision is to create an environmentally sound society without poverty, free from exploitation, oppression, injustice and discrimination where children, women and men live with dignity and capable to exercise and enjoy their rights and will have access to opportunities irrespective of cast, creed and colour and participation in the mainstream socio-economic political and cultural processes.
07 Mission : UDDIPAN’s mission is to alleviate poverty and improve quality of life of the disadvantaged poor through providing them employment and income generating activities (IGA); facilitating development of their potentials and skills through capacity building; empowering them to claim their rights and entitlements through awareness raising, motivation, institutional development, advocacy, lobbying and collective social actions.
08 Goal : UDDIPAN set its goal to reduce the number of people below poverty line by more than fifty percent by the year 2023 in the targeted communities through implementation of community demand driven activities such as social mobilization, mass awareness raising, community institution building, human resource development, micro-finance for sustainable livelihoods, disaster and climate change management, healthcare, agriculture, livestock, advocacy, legal aid, etc. and thus, contributing to the poverty reduction objective of the government as envisaged in the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP).
09 Objectives : The specific objectives are delineated as under:
a) To facilitate mobilizing and organizing women, men, children and the trans people of the excluded poor families at the grassroots, regional, and central levels to address development issues and plan, implement, manage community demand driven activities for social, economic, and cultural improvements;
b) To supplement family income of the poor, underprivileged, and ethnic minorities through micro financing livelihood options;
c) To facilitate the target people for mobilization of internal resources and gaining access to external resources;
d) To contribute to the improvement of the health of the women, men and children of the poor families through health education, access to available health services and providing related health services;
e) To enhance the status of the women, men, children and trans people of the target families through promotion of their fundamental rights;
f) To increasingly build capacities of the members of the target population through implementation of education and skill development trainings directed at sustained improvement in their lives;
g) To complement and supplement the development efforts of the government.
10 Target people : Men, Women, Children & Youth, People with disability, Senior Citizen, Ethnic Minority and the Trans People.
11 Major activities :  Microfinance (key Activities)
 Awareness building  Group Formation
 Savings Generation
 Loan Disbursement
 Monitoring
 Documentation & Reporting
 Capacity Building
 Learning & Reorientation
 Micro-Enterprise (key Activities)
 MF Graduation Members
 Enterprise Specific Loan Disburse
 Enterprise Specific Capacity Building
 Assistance in Product Market
 Employee Generation
 Innovation
 Poverty Alleviation
 Women’s Empowerment
 Child and Youth Employment and Empowerment
 Promotion of Green Energy, Housing
 Health Care Program
 Education & TVET Program.
 Healthcare Program.
 Water Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion.
 Promotion of Agriculture
 Rights & Governance Program.
 Senior Citizen Program.
 Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction and Management
 Stopping of Human Trafficking & Child Marriage and Promotion of Safe Migration
 Youth & Adolescent Education
 Social Development, Strengthening Government Social Protection Program
 Networking and Advocacy etc.
12 Working Area (Name of Upazila & District) : UDDIPAN is now operating different program in 465 Upazilas of 64 districts in Urban, Rural, Haor, Monga hit, Flood prone, Tea plantation, Coastal & River erosion Area across in Bangladesh.
13 List of Executive Committee : : 1) Dr. Mihir Kanti Majumder-Chairman
2) Zakia K Hassan-Vice-Chairman
3) Dr. Md. Golam Ahad-Treasurer
4) Md. Nazrul Islam Khan-Member
5) Md. Mahbubur Rahman-Member
6) Naheed Sultana-Member
7) Dr.Abu Jamil Faisel-Member
8) Bhabatosh Nath-Member
9) Shawkat Hossain-Member
10) Bidyut Kumar Basu- Executive Director & CEO and Member Secretary
Details : https://uddipan.org/board-of-directors/
14 Photo Gallery :
15 Others : For more details; Please visit our website : www.uddipan.org