People's Integer Progressive Association for Social Activities (PIPASA)
Name of CEO & Designation: Shamal Kumar chowdhury, Chief Executive
Contact person & Designation: Shamal Kumar chowdhury, Chief Executive
Address of Head office: Road: 41/30 Dadapur Sarak, Mongolbaria,
Post: Kushtia, Upazila : Kushtia,
Postcode: 7000, District: Kushtia.
Address of Kushtia office: Road: 41/30 Dadapur Sarak, Mongolbaria,
Post: Kushtia, Upazila : Kushtia,
Postcode: 7000, District: Kushtia
Telephone Number: +88-071-61692
Mobile/Cell Number: +8801716-078753, +8801710586929, +8801716078746
Fax Number:
Registration Number with Authority: NGO Affairs Bureau: FDR-427, Date-31/12/1990.
Social Welfare: K-116/84, Date-21/04/1984.
Directorate of Family Planning- 148, Date-18/12/1987
M.R.A. 00394, Dated 06 April 2009
Europe Aid ,ID # BD-2010-CXI-1102959689, (Pador Registration)
Vision: A fair society which is economically productive and equitable, socially just, environmentally sound, effectively democratic, where men and women avail equal rights in all spheres of life and children live in safe environment. PIPASA is keen to develop a new approach to development. PIPASA believes that the increasing global concern about the human dimensions of development requires the integration of gender concerns in all stages and at all levels of sustainable development as a means to ensure human well being equitably enjoyed by all people. The interrelation between population, resources, environment and development should be fully recognized, properly managed and brought into a harmonious and dynamic synergy.
Although PIPASA is concerned with the poor communities its activities have so far been centered round the poor distressed people who are the victims of dowry, fatwah, unexpected divorce, torture etc. PIPASA is always aware of its solution through peaceful manner.
Mission: Alleviation of poverty and eradication of absolute poverty are fundamental to the achievement of sustainable development and the advancement of women and children. The policy frame work is set to reflect the ways in which the relation between women and men constrain or advance efforts to boost growth and reduce poverty for all. This focus characterized the gender and development approach which it promotes to enhance women's contribution to development as is committed to main streaming women issues into its operations, so that a balanced gender partnership is achieved as a prerequisite for full development of human potential.
Goal & Objective: a) Goal: The goal of PIPASA is overall socio-economic and cultural development of the people of Bangladesh.
b) Objective:
# To organize the target people at grassroots level in small action group and accumulate savings fund through regular savings collection.
# To provide training for income generating activities.
# To motivate community people for optimum family.
# Development of environment of extreme climatic area,
# Equip the poor class with the know-how for formulation and implementation of small local projects,
# Awaken the poor people about their problems and needs.
# Provide healthcare and educational support.
# Build genuine leadership and cohesion among them
# Capacitate the poor to generate resources from themselves to support from outside when necessary and co-ordinate with other agencies for their overall progress.
# To develop coordination between stakeholders, GO/NGO officials for optimum utilization of resources.
On going Program: # Rural Micro Credit
# Savings fund
# Village Sanitation
# Making Accessibility of the Indigent to Local Public Health Services-MAILPHS
# Enhancing Governance and Capacity of Service Providers and Civil Society in Water Supply and Sanitation Sector
# Goat rearing
# Bio-gas plant
# Disable Development
# IGA-Tailoring.
Source of Fund: PKSF
European Union/Commission
NGO Forum
Bangladesh Bank
Mutual Trust Bank,
National Protibondhi Foundation
Regular staffs: Core staffs: 28 nos.
Project staffs:14 nos.
Total staffs:42 nos.
Working area in Kushtia district & Upazila: Working area of PIPASA:
District: Kushtia,
Upazila: Mirpur, Daulatpur, Bheramara, Kushtia sadar, Kumarkhali, Khoksa
List of Executive committee: 1)Mr. Md. Kabiruddin Bachchu , President
2) Md. Khairul Islam, Vice-President
3) Mst. Selina Akter Banu, Treasurer
4) Dr. Kanailal Sharma, Member
5) Md. Al-Mujahid Hosain(Mitho), Member
6) Mst. Sufiya Lila, Member
7) Mr. Shamal Kumar Chowdhury, Member-Secretary