Palli Bikash Foundation
Name of CEO & Designation: Md. Hasan Pervez, Executive Director
Contact person & Designation: Ashim Paul, Co-ordinator
Address of Head office: 8, Minister Shamsuddin Ahmed Road, Kushtia
Address of Kushtia office: 8, Minister Shamsuddin Ahmed Road, Kushtia
Telephone Number: +880 71-71026
Mobile/Cell Number: +880 1715456388
Fax Number:
Registration Number with Authority: Samaz Saba KUSH-672/05. M.R.A-02170-00679-00645
Vision: To establish a free, fair and harmonious society based on equal human and civil rights where people of every walk of life will enjoy equal rights, opportunities as economic, social and political.
Mission: To promote skill and capacity, human values, consciousness level, and to ensure environmentally sound and sustainable development.
Goal & Objective: (i)To build the institution of the poor and disadvantaged people for sustainable development.
(ii) To provide skill and human development training in order to develop human potentials of the target population.
(iii) To carryout mass literacy program for illiterate women, adolescent and children.
(iv) To develop the environment though social forestry and nursery program.
(v) To create job opportunities in the rural areas by providing small credit.
(vi) To undertake health services with a view to mitigating health and nutritional problems.
On going Program: (i) Micro credit,
(ii) Legal Aid,
(iii) Health program, and others.
Source of Fund: Mercantile Bank, Kushtia
Regular staffs: 17 Person.
Working area in Kushtia district & Upazila: Kushtia sador, and Kumarkhli Upazila.
List of Executive committee: 1. Russell Kabir Kishi, Chairman
2. Md.Liaquat Ali, Vice Chairman
3. Md. Hasan Parvez, Executive Director
4. Md.Regaul Karim, Vice Secratory
5. Md.Marful Haque, Cashier
6. Md.Bulbul Ahmed, Executive Member
7. Farmida Aktar, Executive Member
8. Md.Atair Rahman, Executive Member
9. Md. Abul Hasnat, Executive Member
10. Dabe Rani Paul, Executive Member
11. Shefali Nasrin, Executive Member