Kushtia Pally Unnayan Sangstha (KPUS)
Name of CEO & Designation: Md. Enamul Haque, Director
Contact person & Designation: Md. Enamul Haque, Director
Address of Head office: 18/5, 1No, Majzidbari Lane, Aruapara, Kushtia-7000, Bangladesh.
Address of Kushtia office: 18/5, 1No, Majzidbari Lane, Aruapara, Kushtia-7000, Bangladesh.
Telephone Number: +880 7162056
Mobile/Cell Number: +880 1711310126
Fax Number:
Email: kpus_bd23@yahoo.com
Website: www.kpusbd.org
Registration Number with Authority: * Directorate of Social Service, Kush-81/90, 22nd October 1990
* NGO Affairs Bureau, 971, 4th October 1995
* Micro-Credit regularity Authority, 01404-00160-00309, 29th July 2008
Vision: The situation of the poor and underprivileged people of the society are leading their life in the mark level. They are losing both mental and physical mood. KPUS thinks that every person has his/her own potentialities. The situation needs both financial and technical support. The life status of the poor humanity may be changed if the above programs are implemented.
Mission: KPUS thinks that more than 80% of the rural people are living below the poverty line and most of them are below the subsistence level. Their income is so poor that they can not manage two handful of meals a day. Poverty is the part of parcel of their life. It is estimated that only 8% of the rich and well-to-do section possesses to 75% of the productive resources. The rich exploit the poor in various ways and as a result the poor have been becoming poor to poorer day by day. No health services have been access to these poor families. Besides vast population are illiterate. They are not aware of their rights and justices. In the social structure the poor do not get the extreme right. The situation of women further aggravated. They have rights at all and are kept under veil like birds in the cases which have been affecting their lives in various ways. In the above circumstances, KPUS came into being in 1987, with a view to providing numerical programs and income generation programs like- Micro credit program, Micro enterprise program, Fishery program, Social afforestation, Primary health care program, Water & sanitation program, Rehabilitation program, Awareness raising program and Non- formal education program.
Goal & Objective: To render the different sorts of projects and programs for the sustainable development of the poor at the local areas so that they may raise the living standard and bring smile to these poverty stricken families.
On going Program: * RMC
* Education
* Training
* Legal Aid
* Health
* Water & sanitation
* Afforestation
* Relief and Rehabilitation
* Good Governance
Source of Fund: 1. PKSF
2. Bangladesh NGO Foundation
Regular staffs: 72 Person
Working area in Kushtia district & Upazila: Dist.- Kushtia, Upazila- Kumarkhali, Union- 11, Vill.- 77
Dist.- Kushtia Upazila- Kushtia Sador, Union- 07, Vill.- 35
Dist.- Kushtia Upazila-Doulotpur, Union- 02, Vill.- 10
Dist.- Kushtia Upazila-Khaksha, Union-03 Vill.-12
Dist.-Razbari Upazila-Pangsha, Union-04 Vill.-15
Dist.-Jhenidah Upazila-Horina kundo, Union-02 Vill.-08
List of Executive committee: 1. Babu Subol Chandra Biswas, Chairman
2. Adv. Mostofa Tazmal, Vice Chairman
3. Md. Enamul Haque, Director / Secretary
4. Shameladu Ghosh, Asst. G. Secretary
5. Sabina Jafor, Treasurer
6. Mrs. Aktary Sultana, Organizing Secretary
7. Rejena Aktar Shome, Advertisement Secretary
8. Md. Moslem Munshi, Member
9. Farhana Easmin, Member