JANASHEBA Sechchsashebi Polly Unnayan Sangstha
Name of CEO & Designation: Md. Atiar Rahman, Executive Director
Contact person & Designation: Md. Atiar Rahman, Executive Director
Address of Head office: Amla, Mirpur. Kushtia, Bangladesh
Address of Kushtia office: Mongalbaria Bazar, Kushtia
Telephone Number:
Mobile/Cell Number: +880 1711161729
Fax Number:
Email: janashebango@gmail.com
Registration Number with Authority: Social Service Department- Kus/237/98
NGO Affairs Bureau- Applied for registration
Vision: To establish a fair society which is economically productive and equitable, socially just, environmentally sound, effectively democratic, men and women avail equal opportunity and children live in safe environment.
Mission: To promote skill, capacity, human values and consciousness level of the poor and destitute target people, especially the woman and the children, and to ensure environment friendly and sustainable development for them.
Goal & Objective: a) Organizing the target people both male and female concretizing them through awareness builds up to identify and analyze the issues of social force that deprive them of their rightful and lead them to form small group at village level and build up solidarity through forming committee at Union level and then Thana level.
b) To organize and emergence of leadership from the target group and community through organization and training program.
c) To imbibe a sense of collectively and frugal mentality by which they can create fund in different organizational level by their own savings and utilize the available local resources properly, with a view to become self-reliant.
d) To enhance skill and awareness through participatory training to the target group and community people.
e) Facilitation of small scale income generation activities to promote their participation family income.
f) To eliminate the discrimination between men and women and establish dignity, social and economic status.
g) To aware the community people about primary health, EPI, HIV & STD/AIDS.
h) To establish functional Juvenile Justice System.
i) Able read, write and count the group member through non-formal education.
j) To provide knowledge about women's legal rights and improve their bargaining power in marriage registration, divorce, dowry and all others sources of women's oppression in the society.
k) To establish a strong platform of local government association and to assist the members to take their own initiatives capacity building for strengthening the institution.
On going Program: * Making Accessibility of the Indigent to Local Public Health Services (MAILPHS)
* Village Centre (VC)
* Janasheba Credit Program (SCP)
Source of Fund: * European Commission
* NGO Forum for DWSS
Regular staffs: Paid Staff, Volunteer
Working area in Kushtia district & Upazila: a) District: 02
b) Thana: 04
c) Union: 08
d) Village: 86
List of Executive committee: