Gonosongjyag Sangstha
Name of CEO & Designation: Md.Khalequezzaman, Executive Director
Contact person & Designation: Md.Khalequezzaman, Executive Director
Address of Head office: Village+Post office- Boraichara, P.S.- Khoksha, Dist.- Kushtia
Address of Kushtia office:
Telephone Number:
Mobile/Cell Number: +880 1724898245
Fax Number:
Email: daud.gss2013@gmail.com
Website: www.gssbd.org
Registration Number with Authority: Social Welfares kush-553/2003
Vision: A society full fills the fundamental demands of the poor man women and children in which social harmony, Peace, justice and ecological balance prevails.
Mission: GONOSONGJYAG SANGSTHA (GSS) will bring about an improved quality of life for the poor men women and children in the social and economic sphere, especially by using awareness techniques to empower the beneficiaries with the skill to survive and assist then to access their legal and democratic rights.
Goal & Objective: The main goal of the GSS is to improve the quality of the lives of its target Deprived peoples the poor and underprivileged through providing necessary supports and service. To introduce the development activities to the oppressed and deprived poor and needy people and to serve them with out any distinction of race, culture through our service.
* To make poor disabled women, men, and children more able to achiere their, Civil, Political, Economic and social rights and to improve their security and well being.
* Enhance the capacity of and opportunity for poor disable women, men and children to demand Governance and recognition of their rights Influencing improvements in policy formulation and Implementation.
* To helping poor disabled people to advocate for equal rights and access to resources and Opportunities. Promoting the rights of disabled women and children Promoting rights of the extreme poor and socially excluded people.
* To raise peoples capacity and ability for achieving democratic and human rights and its application.
* To implement programs of education, health, Sanitation, family planning and medical facilities.
* To implement varies social welfare activities for the poorer section of the society.
* To protect the environment and develop ecology through supportive activities.
* To raise awareness. About migration program of the family who are wish to leave from Bangladesh in order to work to others country.
* To raise awareness on health and save water sanitation, S.T.D./H.I.V/AIDS through different media
* To strengthens human rights and good governess for the poor peoples.
On going Program: 1. Social reform and development program
2. Women empowerment poverty redaction
3. Anti tobacco program
4. Bandu Chula
Source of Fund: A) Members Subscription.
B) Local Contributions and donation.
C) Sales of training
Regular staffs: 7 Person
Working area in Kushtia district & Upazila: Kushtia District to khoksha Uozila
List of Executive committee: 1. Md.Daud Ali Sheek (Chairman)
2. Dasorot kumar Biswas (vice chairman)
3. Md.Khaleqezzaman (General Secretary)
4. Md.Abdul jolil Khan(Join Secretary)
5. Md.Akiruzzaman (Treasurer )
6. Doli Rani (Member)
7. Md.Rabiul Islam (Member)