Development Organization For Equity And Love (DOEL)
Name of CEO & Designation: Md. Mosharof Hossan, Director
Contact person & Designation: Nani Gopl Biswas, Co-ordinator
Address of Head office: Vill:Gottia, P.O.: Kaya, P.S.: Kumarkhali, Dist. Kushtia, Bangladesh
Address of Kushtia office: DOEL Liaison Office, 2 No Tarapado Mojumder Lane, Amlapara, Kushtia.
Telephone Number:
Mobile/Cell Number: +880 1712555768, +880 1714631899
Fax Number:
Registration Number with Authority: Social Welfare: Kushtia-226/97, Dated 04-12-1997
Youth Dev.: KUS 96/99-2000, Dated 12-07-1999
MRA: 01284-00322-00220, Dated 29-04-2008
Vision: The situation of the poor and underprivileged people can be changed if they can make fit for their desired changes .Every person has its own potentialities within him and if such potentialities can be released they become fit for the change. But to release such interlink given potentialities it needs some favourable environment. Situation, support and proper service. And if these are ensured they surely become fit for their desired changes in the life as well as society
Mission: About 75% population of the rural area has been living below the poverty line and out of then 55% live below the substance level. Their income is very poor and with which they can meet only the part of their daily necessities. It is estimated that only 8% of the rich and well to do families have been the owners of the 78% or the productive resource thus not well distributed. No health service has been access to those poor families, majority of the poor are illiterate ,they are not conscious and aware of their basic right and position in the social system and the poor can't enjoy their rights. The situation of the women further aggravated. They have no right at all and are keeping under veil like birds in the cases which have been badly affecting their lives in various ways . In the above situation DOEL has starred its mission in the year 1996 to cooperate with the poor and underprivileged people in the process promotion of their overall socio- economic condition through implementing projects and programmes like group formation ,adult education ,functional education , income generating activities, training ,health service, environment and sanitation ,Women in development ,consciousness raising and awareness building ,nursery programme ,fish culture ,housing building loan, rights establishment programme etc.
Goal & Objective: a) To organize the poor and under- privileged men and women of the society of both in the rural and urban areas ,help in building their own institutional bases so than they can fight standing the institutional footings.
b) To rehabilitate the sex workers ,vulnerable women, drug users prostitutes ,similar and similar group of peoples through implementing appropriate projects and proper aim for them.
c) To educate the illiterate peoples especially the through operating non- formal adult literacy centres .
d) To educate the out of school- going children through operating non- formal education center.
e) To provide basic health services to the target peoples towards improvement of their health conditions.
f) To provide technical and credit supports to the poor and poorest group members and other target peoples towards help alleviate their acute poverty.
g) To provide technical and credit supports to the poor and poorest group members for undertaking and operating IGAs towards improvement of their economic conditions.
On going Program: *Group organization and consciousness raising
* Credit supports for IGAs
* fish culture programmes
* Homestead gardening programmes
* Disability programmes
* House building loan
* Sanitation
* Nursery education.
Source of Fund: 1. Member savings
2. Funders donation
3. NGO Forum
4. National Disability Foundation of Bangladesh
5. Housing Fund of Bangladesh Bank
Regular staffs: 1. Director ----1
2. Deputy Director ----1
3. Area Manager
4. Programme co-ordinator
5. Manager
6. Accountant
7. Asst. Accountant
8. Field Organizer
9. Trainer
10. Sanitation Worker
11. C.H.D.R.P.
12. Peon
13. Guard
14. Aya.
Working area in Kushtia district & Upazila: Upazila: Kushtia Sadar: Unions - 4, Villages - 30
Upazila: Kumarkhali: Unions - 4, Villages - 30
List of Executive committee: 1. Md. Hafiz Uddin Babu, Chairman
2. Shekh Md. Shoyeb Ali, Vice chairman
3. Md.Mosheraf Hossain, General Secretary
4. Md. Jasim Uddin, Asst. General Secretary
5. Md. Abul Kalam Azad, Treasurer
6. Md. Rafiqul Islam, Member
7. Mrs. Chameli Begum, Member