01 Name and Address of the Organization
(b) Address of Head Office : Vill: Gottia, P.O: Kaya, P.S: Kumarkhali, Dist: Kushtia.
(c) Address of Liaison Office :
(d) Address of District/Local Office :
02 Contact Information
(a) Name, Mobile No. & E-mail of ED/CEO : NANI GOPAL BISWAS (ED)
Executive Director
Phone: 01714631899, 01866962602
Email: doel97bd@yahoo.com
(b) Name, Mobile No. & E-mail of Contact Person : NANI GOPAL BISWAS (ED)
Executive Director
Phone: 01714631899, 01866962602
Email: doel97bd@yahoo.com
(c) Website :
03 Date of Establishment : 1996
04 Registration (Legal Status)
(a) Department of Social Service : Kushtia- 226/97
(b) Microcredit Regulatory Authority MRA : 220/97
(c) :
(d) :
05 Background of Organization : DOEL is a non- Government, non political are Non-profit Organization Working in the field of Sustainable human development and environment generation in broad Spectrum, A group of educated and dedicated young people formed the organization in 1996 inspired by volunteerism. Almost one year later it was registered with the Department of social welfare in 1997, Department of youth Development in 1999 and Department of micro credit Regulatory Authority in 2008 and the people of the organization has so far been proved as an important institution for the people of its working area in general and for disadvantage population in particular. The vary name of the organization DOEL is a Bangla phrase bearing the meaning poverty eradication and the acronym of the organization DOEL which is also a Bangla word for claim or demand. That signifies the legal and right demand of the underprivileged population of the country as a whole. The organization has a General Body of 21 members, an Executive committee of 7 members, an Advisory Council and they work in the area of policy formulation and characteristic, decision making of the organizations which are carried out through project and program implementation process.
06 Vision :

Enhance Sustainable human development for the poor and the powerless in terms of poverty reduction, illiteracy eradication, ensure fundamental human nights in perspective of gender and children, health and hygienic promotion, rehabilitation of disable people, environment generation women and child trafficking protection with the view to create and sustain a just society.

07 Mission : DOEL believes in bottom up approach and working hand with people with a special emphasis on women and hand core poor of society by of helping them to be conscious about socio economic and political situation and the realize the values, dignity of each and every individual an help them take action of non violence as well as profitable activities for the is health and socio-economic development. To increased capabilities of Bangladeshi community by providing need based services and supports Likes awareness raising, non-formal and formal education, promote gender equality, woman empowerment, reduce child mortality, improve maternal health, Combat HIV/AIDS and other diseases, prevention of women and child trafficking, ensure environmental Sustainability and agro-economic development and micro-credit etc.
08 Goal : The Ultimate goal o the organization is to bring changes in the state of the target peoples and thus improved the quality of their lives through providing necessary support and services.
09 Objectives : 01. To organize the target women poor and the poorest women of the society to make then organized, united and help building their own organizational based.
02. To make the group member conscious and aware or their situation develops their confidence. Self-respects, dignity and capacity to make them fit for their desired change.
03. To educate illiterate group member literate through operating literacy centre.
04. To literate the illiterate out school going children through running non-formal child education centers.
05. To provide the basic health service to the target people towards improvement of their health condition.
06. To provide necessary technical and credit support of the poor group members for undertaking and operating small scale income generating activities.
10 Target people : Normally the organization worked through group approach, organized the target people into the group and reach support and service to the individual member through the group.
11 Major activities : To organize the poor and disadvantaged people into groups towards sustainable institution development.
* To capacitate the organized people through participatory training. Workshop, seminar meeting, conference in order to establish rights and to enable them for program implementation skill.
* To operate adult muss literacy and non-formal primary education program for the illiterate woman, adolescent and children.
* To provide necessary technical skill revolving loan support of the poorest of the poor group members to help them to improve their nutrition.
* To develop forestation and regenerative agriculture program towards sustainable environment and agriculture development.
* To integrate the disabled people in community development process establishing their right and opportunities through community based rehabilitation.
* To establish the rights of woman, children and helpless people.
12 Working Area (Name of Upazila & District) : District – Kushtia
Upazila- Kushtia Sador, Kumarkhali
13 List of Executive Committee : 01 MD Hafiz Uddin -------------------------- Chairman
02 Seakh MD. Shoeab Ali -------------------- Vice Chairman
03 Nani Gopal Biswas ----------------------- General Secretary
04 Momena Pervin Mina ---------------------- Asst General Secretary
05 MD. Abul Kalam Azad --------------------- Treasurer
06 Mst. Chameli Begum ---------------------- Executive Member
07 Md Abdur Razzak ------------------------- Executive Member
14 Photo Gallery :
15 Others :