Daridro Bimochon Kormosuchi(DABIK)
Name of CEO & Designation: Afroza Ferdous, President
Contact person & Designation: Khondkar Shafiq-Ul Islam, General Secretary
Address of Head office: Upazila Road, Chourhash, BSCIC, Kushtia
Address of Kushtia office: Upazila Road, Chourhash, BSCIC, Kushtia
Telephone Number:
Mobile/Cell Number: +880 1715279655
Fax Number:
Email: info.dabik@gmail.com
Registration Number with Authority: Department of Social Service, KUS-880/09, Dated: 26/05/2009
Department of youth Development, DYD/KUS/292, Dated, 26/12/2012
Micro Credit Regulatory Authority, 10(24)/(436)2014-95(8), Dated: 23/04/2014
Vision: DABIK is a non- political organization with a view to help in changing socio-economic condition of the poor. DABIK is founded in 2005 at Kushtia. At the beginning DABIK worked at community level in March '2005. At present this organization is working in the areas of all over Kushtia District in Khulna Division especially in rural areas with poor people and children from off-land and marginal landed farmer families. DABIK also works with poorer section of community to empower them to raise their voice against all forms of discrimination and injustice which affect their life.
Mission: DABIK works with the impoverished communities in our area. In all of our developments we put emphasis to bring a positive change in the lifestyle of poor people and children. We believe that poor people are not the passive recipients rather they have potentialities and skills to change their life. We therefore strive to empower the impoverished people and children of our society, so they could raise their voice against all forms of discrimination and social injustice. Through alternative job creation and income enhancement to the poor we strive to fight against poverty. With our joint effort with the poorer section of the community we fight to establish the civic and political rights of the poor and thus we make every effort to bring a long lasting benefit for the poor.
Goal & Objective: Bangladesh is a very poor and developing country. Utilize of its natural resources is also very limited. Bangladesh is burdened with untrained and unskilled population. They depend on their fait. They have no sufficient scope of works. In this present situation of our country only Government steps is not enough to fight against that entire unfavorable situation. At present Government can not work at remote places with their limited strength. DABIK believes that along with the Government development activities the country is needed also local initiatives. So DABIK works for unprivileged distressed people and children to eradicate illiteracy, poverty and social bondage. DABIK also is trying to fulfill their basic needs of life and to bring a sustainable change in lifestyle through trained them up in income generating activities.
On going Program: * Education Program
* Free Treatment Program
* Sanitation and Hygiene Education
* Tree Plantation Program
* Winter Cloths Distribution
* Horijon Program
* Program for disable people
* Ramadan Program
* Qurbani Program
* Microfinance
* Day Celebration and others
Source of Fund:
Regular staffs:
Working area in Kushtia district & Upazila:
List of Executive committee: 1. Afroza Ferdous, President
2. Dr. Sanjt Kumar Karmakar, Vice-President
3. Khondkar Shafiq-Ul Islam, General Secretary
4. Dr. Md. Mahfuzul Haque, Treasurer
5. Md. Ali Ahsan, Executive Member
6. Md. Anisuzzaman, Executive Member
7. Nazma Akhter Banu, Executive Member