DABIK (Daridro Bimochon Kormosuchi)
01 Name and Address of the Organization
(a) Name of Organization : DABIK (Daridro Bimochon Kormosuchi)
(b) Address of Head Office : Chourhash, BSCIC, Kushtia Sadar, Kushtia
(c) Address of Liaison Office : Chourhash, BSCIC, Kushtia Sadar, Kushtia
(d) Address of District/Local Office : Chourhash, BSCIC, Kushtia Sadar, Kushtia
02 Contact Information
(a) Name, Mobile No. & E-mail of ED/CEO : Khondkar Shafiq–Ul- Islam,
(b) Name, Mobile No. & E-mail of Contact Person : Md. Shafiqul Islam,
(c) Website :
03 Date of Establishment : 26-03-2005
04 Registration (Legal Status)
(a) Registration of NGO Affairs Bureau :
(b) Department of Social Service : KUS-880/09, Date: 26-05-2009
(c) Department of Youth Development : DYD/KUS/292, Date: 26-12-2012
(d) :
05 Background of Organization : DABIK is a nonpolitical nonsectarian voluntary organization with a view to helping in changing socio-economic condition of the poor people. DABIK was established in 2005 in Kushtia District.
06 Vision :

Dabik works with poorer section of community to empower them to raise their voice against all forms of discrimination and injustice which affect their life.

07 Mission : DABIK works with the impoverished communities in our area. In all of our developments we put emphasis to bring a positive change in the lifestyle of poor people and disable communities in our area.
08 Goal : Dabik works for in privileged distressed women and children to eradicate illiteracy, poverty and social bondage.
09 Objectives : DABIK is trying to fulfill their basic needs of life and to bring a sustainable change in lifestyle through trained them up in income generating activities.
10 Target people : Poor People and Disable Communities.
11 Major activities : Education Programmed:
Disable and Eldest education
Free Treatment programmed,
ICT programmed,
Celebrate All National,
International days and Other Festival.
12 Working Area (Name of Upazila & District) : Kushtia District
13 List of Executive Committee : 1. Prof. Md. Shafiqul Islam (President)
2. Dr. Sanjit Kumar Karmakar (Vice President)
3. Khondkar Shafiq-Ul-Islam (General Secretary)
4. Dr. Mahfuzul Haque (Treasurer)
5. Prof. Md. Abdul Mannan (Executive Member)
6. Mst. Taosina Khatun Laki (Executive Member)
7. Md. Minarul Islam (Executive Member)
14 Photo Gallery :
15 Others :