Name of CEO & Designation: Chairman – Dr. Kamal
Honorary Director- Barrister Sara Hossain
Contact person & Designation: Advocate Sankar Mozumder, Co-Ordinator,
Bangladesh legal aid and services trust(blast) Kushtia Unit
Address of Head office: Wayemc Development Center, 1/1 Paoniaer Road, Kakrial, Dhaka-1000
Address of Kushtia office: Bar Association Building, 3rd Floor, Kushtia
Telephone Number: +880 2 8391970-72 (Dhaka Office)
+880 71 61381 (Kushtia Office)
Mobile/Cell Number: +880 17 15856315 (Co-Ordinator)
Fax Number:
Registration Number with Authority: Registration of NGO Affairs Bureau: Number- 786
Vision: BLAST envisions a society based on the rule of law in which every individual, including the poor, marginalized and excluded, in particular women, children, peoples with disabilities, adivasis, and dalits, have access to justice and in which their human rights are respected and protected.
Mission: BLAST’s mission is to make the legal system accessible to the poor and the marginalized.
Goal & Objective: In view of the above vision and mission statement, BLAST's specific objectives are:
1. To provide free legal aid and to undertake public interest litigation and advocacy activities to ensure that opportunities for securing justice are not denied to any person for any reason;
2. To administer a trust fund for establishing and maintaining legal aid and services units supported by the grants from the Trust;
3. To establish legal aid/assistance and human rights protection units in the bar associations and in different localities of the country, including rural areas;
4. To conduct special training programs through which relevant skills and expertise can be imparted to lawyers, activists and others;
5. To coordinate the activities of the units with other organizations, including NGOs working in related fields;
6. To publish original research articles and reports about matters useful to lawyers;
7. To promote improved legal education, including awareness of responsibility for providing legal aid to disadvantaged persons, and to promote, establish and maintain national institutions for legal education;
8. To organize seminars, symposiums and extension lectures on various law subjects for advocates, teachers, law students, and to promote participation in international conferences, workshops, and training and educational programs.
On going Program: Legal Aid (Mediation, Litigation)
Capacity Building
Women in Justice
Access to Justice For Person With Disability in Bangladesh
Source of Fund: DanChurchAid (DCA), Handicap International, Danida.
Regular staffs: 6 Person
Working area in Kushtia district & Upazila: Kushtia,
Meherpur (All Upazilla)
List of Executive committee: 1. Adv. Sirij-Ul Islam (President Bar Association & Blast Kushtia Unit)
2. Adv. Anup Kumar Nondi (Vice President Blast Kushtia Unit)
3.Adv. Amirul Islam (Prencipal Kushtia Law Collage & Senior lawyer)
4. Adv. Nurul Islam Dulal (Secretary Bar Association Kushtia)
5. Adv. Asmot Ali Sarkar (Senior lawyer)
6. Adv. Sudhir Kumar Sharma
7. Adv. Mir Sanowar Hossain
8. Adv. Motiar Rahman
9. Adv. Abdul Jalil
10. Adv. A.S.M. Akhtaruzzaman
11. Adv. Jahangir Alam Galib
12. Adv. Shahidul Islam
13. Adv. Monjuri Begum