01 Name and Address of the Organization
(a) Name of Organization : ASA
(b) Address of Head Office : ASA Tower, 23/3, Bir Uttam A.N.M Nuruzzaman Sharak, Shyamoli, Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh
(c) Address of Liaison Office :
(d) Address of District/Local Office : ASA Bhaban,Arjun das Agarwala road,Rabgoli,court para,kushtia.
02 Contact Information
(a) Name, Mobile No. & E-mail of ED/CEO :
(b) Name, Mobile No. & E-mail of Contact Person : Name: Md. Shoriful islam,
Senior District Manager,
Kushtia District,
(c) Website :
03 Date of Establishment : 1978
04 Registration (Legal Status)
(a) Micro-credit Regulatory Authority License : No: 00470-00538-00100.
(b) :
(c) :
(d) :
05 Background of Organization : In 1971, Bangladesh emerged as an independent nation through a bloody war and at a cost of millions of lives. The country was left behind in a state ravaged by the war and natural disaster, but populated by a significant number of young people full of hope, energy and commitment for reconstruction and nation-building. The economy of Bangladesh is by and large dependent on agriculture as its major segment of population lives in rural areas. During the post-war era, its economy suffered a huge blow due to the political upheaval and poor control mechanism. Main constraints were frequent agitations, political unrest and numerous changes of governments that were too inexperienced to uphold stability and discipline. In such chaotic circumstances, policy formulation or planning for development was difficult.
The situation even got worse when a famine broke-out in 1974. The economic growth was hindered and unemployment rate soared. Measures taken by the government were appallingly insufficient. As the new government was struggling to meet the challenges with inadequate resources and insufficient foreign aids, small non-government organizations emerged over the 1970s to provide relief and rehabilitation along with community development. The administrative structure, that followed a top-down approach for development, could not cope with the actual socio-economic reality as the institutional structures failed to reach the downtrodden people. In those volatile days ASA was born in 1978 at a remote village Tapra, under the then Manikganj sub-division about 80 kilometers away from the capital Dhaka with a mission to welfare of the poor
06 Vision :

The vision of ASA is to establish a poverty free society.

07 Mission : The institutional mission of ASA is to support and strengthen the economy at the bottom of the socio-economic pyramid by facilitating access to financial services for the poor, marginalized and disadvantaged.
08 Goal : Innovative and non-conventional management for achieving cost-effectiveness and sustainability.
09 Objectives : ASA programs focused at awareness-raising and group formation for the poor aiming at integrated development through asserting rights of the poor, education, mini-irrigation, primary healthcare, credit for income generation etc. Later based on a decade of grassroots experience, it was realized that micro lending might serve as the most effective tool in fighting poverty in Bangladesh. The realization was transformed into a reality in 1991. ASA renders multifaceted services to more than seven million people of Bangladesh as well as underprivileged people of some other developing countries. Besides microfinance program, the organization has been operating quite a number of non-financial programs counting Primary Healthcare, Education, Health Awareness, Physiotherapy, Sanitation, Hygiene, Agricultural aids etc. out of its own resources. Millions of poor and underprivileged are benefited as a result of these initiatives. Currently, nearly seven million people of Bangladesh are deriving benefit from the services and activities of ASA.
10 Target people : Poor, marginalized and disadvantaged people.
11 Major activities : Financial
12 Working Area (Name of Upazila & District) : Entire Bangladesh
13 List of Executive Committee : 1. Professor Dr. Dalem Chandra Barman
Chairman of ASA governing body Dr. Dalem Chandra Barman is a retired professor of the University of Dhaka. Mr. Barman currently serves as the Vice Chancellor of ASA University Bangladesh. As a senior teacher of social science Mr. Barman has been associated with development and cultural activities.
2. Mr. Monjurul Ahsan Bulbul
Mr. Monjurul Ahsan Bulbul is a noted journalist and media personality of the country. He served in a number of national newspapers and television channels including Daily Sangbad, Daily Jugantor, Boishakhi TV, ATN Bangla etc. Currently he serves Ekushe Television as its Chief Executive
3. Mohammed Azim Hossain
Mohammed Azim Hossain hailed from Deovogh village of Munshiganj District. He was born on 1 January 1963. Mr. Hossain obtained his Master degree in Accounting from the University of Dhaka in 1984 and later got higher degree in Project Management from Denmark. He joined ASA in 1984 and served as Director, Finance and MIS until 2010. Since 2010, he has been serving as Director, Investment, Treasury and Risk Management of CMI. He attended a number of seminars and workshops as resources person held in various countries across the world.
4. Mr. Md. Enamul Haque
Mr. Md. Enamul Haque is a renowned microfinance specialist and social activist. He has been involved in the NGO sector of Bangladesh for about four decades. He served to the leading NGOs: ASA, Proshika, CDF etc. Presently, he serves as the COO of an international microfinance company based in the Netherlands
5. Ms. Shirin Shanti
Ms. Shirin Shanti is a borrower-member of ASA as well as a small entrepreneur. She joined ASA as a landless member few years back. Ms. Shanti successfully graduated herself as a small entrepreneur with the support of ASA.
6. Md. Shamsuzzaman
Md. Shamsuzzaman was born in a reputed family in Dhaka on 1 March 1956. He obtained his MSC degree in Soil, Water and Environment Science in 1978 from the University of Dhaka. Mr. Shamsuzzaman is a successful businessman and entrepreneur of a number of well-established enterprises of Bangladesh. He is a trustee member of the Eastern University of Bangladesh and has been serving the same as the Treasurer. He has been associated with various social welfare and philanthropic activities for a long time.
7. A K M Aminur Rashid
A K M Aminur Rashid is a veteran microfinance expert of Bangladesh and has been associated with microfinance sector about three decades. He started his carrier with Grameen Bank in 1989 and later joined ASA in 1992. Now he is serving as the Executive Director (Operation) of ASA International, a Netherlands based Microfinance Company. He obtained his master degree from the University of Dhaka in 1985 and received training on ToT from Denmark. He worked as consultants in a score of countries across Asia and Africa. He has publications on microfinance. Mr. Rashid visited over 50 countries for introducing effective concept of microfinance so far.
Small Entrepreneur
9. Md. Ariful Haque Choudhury
Since February 14, 2021, Md. Ariful Haque Choudhury has been serving as the President of ASA. Prior to commencing the position of ASA President Md. Ariful Haque Choudhury served of its Executive Vice President (HR) and various key positions. Md. Ariful Haque Choudhury attained his Bachelor degree in Management and Masters
14 Photo Gallery :
15 Others : Primary Education strength program ,primary Health program, health assistance, physiotherapy, Sanitation Program, Agriculture support program