Alordisha Mohila Sangstha - ADMS
Name of CEO & Designation: Salma Sultana, Executive Director
Contact person & Designation: Mrs. Shahida Begam, Executive Director
Address of Head office: 74/3, Shatish Chandra Lane, Thanapara, Kushtia
Address of Kushtia office: 74/3, Shatish Chandra Lane, Thanapara, Kushtia
Telephone Number:
Mobile/Cell Number: +880 1711935253
Fax Number:
Registration Number with Authority: a) Y. Aff. Kush-18
b) Women Affairs JE/BI/ Kush-33
c) NGO Aff.B.-2450
Vision: To make a society free from poverty, injustice, hunger, illiteracy where every people will have access to education, rights and resources and live with dignity.
Mission: Raising awareness of the masses on Human rights, Women rights, promoting the alternatives for the marginalized and distressed people through education, employment opportunities, locally initiated development with the target population.
Goal & Objective: # Promote literacy through non-formal programs
# Decrease the mortality rate of pregnant mothers and children
# Promoting improved health process among community through the provisions of pure drinking water and sanitation
# Ensuring women rights and empowerment through prevention of women and girl child trafficking legal assistance etc.
# Programmes for disable people so that they can exercise their rights to live free from humiliation
# Promoting ecologically sound agriculture by tree plantation social forestry and vegetable production.
On going Program: 1. Non-Formal Education,
3. Health and Family Planning,
4. Local Governance Project,
5. Legal Aid and Legal education,
6. Prevention of human Trafficking,
7. Disability development,
8. Social mobilization,
9. Day observation,
10.Cultural activities,
11. Sanitation programme,
12. Fish culture,
13. Poultry farm,
14. Mail phs project.
Source of Fund: BRAC-ESP,
NGO Foundation,
Social Welfare ,
Women Affairs,
Action AID
Regular staffs: 17 Person
Working area in Kushtia district & Upazila: District – Kushtia
Upazila – Kushtia Sadar,
List of Executive committee: